7 Superb Trends That Changed The Web-Design Paradigm In 2016


The ‘web-design’ world is continuously evolving and notable changes have been made to this aspect of technology ever since its advent. In 2016, most technology gurus/experts have confirmed that companies gave a clear impression of making vital changes in the game of website development urging us to compose a list of 6 trends that changed the web-design paradigm this year. Most companies have adopted the magazine layouts for their parent pages that are more attractive and informative than previous designs that showcased unwanted content and non-prominent services.

  • Simplicity –

Most design companies prefer cleaning out the unwanted content from the pages by simplifying the logos as well as the typefaces accordingly. The trend started originally in the early days of 2015 when websites started solely focusing on their genuine content and getting rid of the clutters around them. Unfortunately, footers and sidebars would no longer be seen on the websites as they’re disappearing for the good.


  • Apps Like Menus For Your Website –

Indeed, a web-design is more than its perfect aesthetics and since we’re overwhelmed with mobile applications, even websites want to emulate the same design layouts for a better client interaction. In 2015, most websites turned things around with their web-designs by replacing their current menus with mobile-app styled interface which confirms that the website development game is on the go.


  • No More Ghost Buttons-
    The most notable change which occurred in the previous year was the removal of gigantic-sized buttons that were a bit too flashy for the web-designs. The companies have somehow moved away from this design aspect as buttons are being given a touch of simplicity with transparent colors for a better online experience. Even though, ghost buttons have lived up to the designers hype and have proven to be great for many companies around the globe, but the web-design game doesn’t want to repeat the same phenomenon as a part of its utmost modifications

Read through the list of 3 trends that have changed the entire game of website designing in 2015 and ensure that your website is following each one of them in full swing. It’s an effective way of embellishing the existing designs with something that helps us in the long run.