ABOUT US Est. 2013 - Idevation was created to meet the demand of general
website maintenance for every day websites,blogs,
and e-commerce stores. we’re digital natives
with a pioneering approach to open-source

Vision Statement To be the best website service company.

Corporate Purpose To be a positive influence on all who come in contact with Idevation.

Mission Statement To delight website owners with prompt, knowledgeable and friendly service.

How we are best

Alignment by choosing to only work with customers that align to our services and capabilities.

Advocates we are in the solutions business and believe in a spirit of “yes” and positive support in how we interact with our customers and our counterparts.

Advisors we know the best practices and are equipped with tools that allow us to offer suggestions on advances or refinements on the systems we are working on.

Advancement we strive to do better in each thing we do internally and for our customers. We believe if we do the little things right and the big things will take care of themselves.

Accountability we will operate with utmost integrity in our service delivery, billing and time management processes and provide the maximum transparency to our customer.

Appreciation the relationship with our customer is of paramount importance and we engage with humility, interest, appreciation and acknowledgement of the honor they give us.


Our culture is awesome.

We love doing
what we do

It’s a pre-requisite for joining our team. And while that means we’re full of passionate people – from geeks to creatives to process masters – that passion is guided. Hard work and incredible challenges aren’t a chore, but exciting. Everyone is focussed on doing a brilliant job every time. Oh, and we have loads of fun along the way.


“Make clever simple
and simple clever”