Best Tips For Designers Who Cannot Program Their Art


Sometimes, designers are mistaken for being programmers. However, in the nutshell, the story is somewhat different, not all designers know the art of coding and this can have a negative impact on their future endeavors.

Moreover, the skill for designing and programming is being searched by the recruiters under one personality. The companies need the same person to design and add functionality to the work otherwise they’d be on the verge to pay extra money to the person who codes.

1 – Choose The Design Programs Wisely:

Designers! First and the foremost step lies in choosing the right programs which helps in overcoming the problems that we might encounter after entering the development stage. It should be in our best interest that not all design programs are going to provide 100% results once the work is shifted to the website browsers, especially Photoshop, which renders roughened font-styles.

Likewise, some designers might as well try to catch on with the most pleasing backgrounds by adding the famous Photoshop filters to them. However, the background experiences a drastic change when it is shifted to the desired location i.e. the web-browser.

2 – Responsive Websites Don’t Only Mean (Mobile and Desktop):

From what we’ve carved from the sources, the designers have built a wrong perception towards accelerating the responsiveness of the websites. Indeed, it helps in improving the functionality for mobile as well as the desktop. But, on the other hand, the story doesn’t end here.

Having this said, a developer would try to fill the gaps whereas the designer doesn’t consider the size of the design or its overall resolution, which results in the collapse of the navigation system later on. It is recommended to focus on the page-elements instead of settling in with the right height and width for better results.

3 – Design Around The Genuine Content:

According to the experts, take privilege for designing around the genuine content. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to use the fringe cases while designing around a user-generated content. This can have a positive impact on your overall work and your designs will not be restricted towards certain marketing campaigns.

Follow these tips and save the time of learning the programming skills. It should be in our best interest that not all designers are programmers, or the other way round, not all programmers are designers.